Custom software

JUUN Software realises that every business is unique and calls for a different solution. We do not believe a ‘one size fits all’ approach is right for everyone. You pay for everything, use half of it and are left missing just that functionality you needed. Instead, we take a close look at what you and your company require and deliver custom software that is completely tuned to your business.

But... why call in JUUN Software?

Latest technologies
The IT industry is known to always be evolving. As technologies advance a currently new system may no longer receive updates or support after a few years’ time. That’s why JUUN Software uses the latest technologies that will still be around ten years from now.

To the Cloud
JUUN Software specializes in cloud-native solutions. We take your business to the Cloud, where there is no need for expensive servers or tedious server maintenance. We work on the software and offer support.

Future proof
We develop cloud-native software that is made to last for decades. Calling in JUUN Software means you can feel secure about the future and focus on what truly matters: your business.

A few of the solutions we use

.NET Framework

.NET Core


Azure DevOps

SQL Server